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Join this space adventure - come and meet the little aliens on this cascading 7x7 grid Reactoonz slot by Play’n GO! As the horn-covered Gargantoon looms over your space odyssey with friendly, colorful Toonz, this game has so much to offer that it will leave a lasting impression on any player. With an RTP of 96.51% and multiple bonus features, consistent payouts and a fun, quirky in-game experience, this is truly a trendsetter from the future!


Unlike most slot games players experience, in Reactoonz, instead of spinning a number of reels, you are given a grid that the colorful symbols drop into, creating winning combinations. This slot game is fun, colorful and entertaining, as sci-fi and space themes can always be explored beyond imagination. Mix magic, science and matter in this futuristic colony slot!


All slots have an unique set or difficulty, rules and features - and we’ve compiled everything you need to know before diving in! Keep reading to learn about wagers, symbols and all special features of this entertaining video slot machine!


You are given a 7x7 grid, on which you have to connect 5+ symbols horizontally or vertically in clusters. Instead of rolling the reels, symbols randomly drop down. When a winning combo is achieved, you attain a certain sum, depending on the combo value - and the remaining icons of this grid drop down, increasing the chance of even bigger and better wins!

Additionally, unique to Reactoonz, you will see a large Gargantoon beside the reels. Above him is a Quantum Leap meter with 5 sections that charge one by one, depending on how many wins you acquire. When one of the meters is charged, a Quantum Feature will activate randomly - but more on the Quantum Features down below!


There are eight cute and cuddly extraterrestrials, each with an unique appearance as they are all different alien races. Four of the aliens have two eyes, while the other four only have one. In an order from highest to lowest paying aliens, we first have all two-eyed Toonz: a magenta pink blob - you’ll recognize him by his different pupils and intense, smug brows! A lime green Toon with spiked hair and heavy eyelids takes the second place value-wise, followed by an excited, orange alien with red horns! The last of the four valuables is a square blue blob, and it seems that his horns have been cut off… A mystery for another day!

Out of the one-eyed little blobs, we have a purple rhombus alien, a brown pentagon, a bowling pin-shaped green fellow, and the cutest of all - a smiling, yellow ball, who seems excited for all your wins!

If four matching symbols form a square on the grid, they instantly form something called a Giantoonz - it’s a 2x2-sized Toon that doubles wins if the giant alien is a part of the combination!


The powerful Gargantoon sits beside the reels. When the previously mentioned Quantum meter reaches the sand-colored alien leader, he appears on the reels as a 3x3-sized Wild symbol and subs for all others! With each following cascade, the Gargantoon moves and splits. For instance, he is first a 3x3 symbol. Then, he is two 2x2 symbols. At last, it becomes nine individual Wild symbols!

The Gargantoon is a kind monster; on any initial non-winning spin, he will drop 4-8 Wild symbols on the reels, multiplying your chances to win! In-game, that is called the Instability feature.


The space-infused Quantum Leap machine is collecting energy from your wins and filling up to give back awesome bonuses! Four special features are offered; charging the fifth bar will activize the Gargantoon himself!

Implosion transforms 3-6 symbols into Wilds, destroying everything around them!

Alteration randomly picks a one-eyed blob, and all symbols that match will turn into another. No one-eyed aliens? No problem! The feature will choose any symbol that is available.

Demolition really stands up to its name - this feature destroys every one-eyed symbol, or namely, every low-value symbol, and also itself along with matching symbols.

Incision is like a medical study - it cuts a Wild into the center of the grid, creating two intersecting diagonal lines with a random symbol.


Try this slot out in the DEMO version before you commit to real money bets. Log into your LV BET account, search for Reactoonz in the Casino lobby and hover over the thumbnail of the game until you see a grey DEMO button. Click and enjoy for free! Almost all of our 1,000 casino games are released with a free-to-play DEMO mode.

All DEMO mode winnings are virtual. Depending on the jurisdiction, players may be asked to register and complete the verification process to access the free version. In cases where verification is not necessary, playing as a visitor may be possible.

Unfortunately, the Reactoonz slot does not feature the popular Free Spins feature. It also misses the common Scatter symbol you would find in most slot games. However, instead of Free Spins, this game has a Quantum feature that can multiply your winnings if you’re lucky!

If you would like to try out games that offer Free Spins, we recommend you look into the Book of Ra series for an Ancient Egypt mystery, or the Moon Princess slot for a unique magical adventure!


Reactoonz may take some time to get hold of, as it is filled with more breathtaking features than slot games are usually. Don’t fret! That is exactly why we compiled this comprehensive guide to help you adjust to every feature. Once you get used to the functionalities, this game will be impossible to quit, so hit the reels and enjoy the adventure!


Released in 2018 by Play’n GO, the Reactoonz slot rapidly became a fan-favorite because of it’s fun design and promising features; it’s hard to have a losing streak! Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know.

  • Reactoonz is a 7x7 grid cascading slot where horizontal and vertical clusters of little aliens form winning combinations. 5+ symbols in such clusters is what you should be looking out for - the game will cascade on until no new clusters form, and then you can spin again.
  • There are four two-eyed aliens and four one-eyed blobs. The big Gargantoon will turn into a 3x3 Wild if you fill the Quantum meter completely!
  • As you fill the Quantum Leap meter, each section offers a unique bonus function: implosion transforms symbols and blows them up, alteration changes symbols into new ones, demolition destroys low-value symbols and incision creates a unique bonus function you must see for yourself!
  • The Reactoonz slot RTP is 96.51%. While correct at the moment, it is always subject to change.

Reactoonz - FAQ


Make sure you’ve read the rules before playing. All you have to do is set your wager and cascade away! If you get lost, an in-game menu offers all the insight you may need, such as symbol value and all general game rules, which will always be up to date. To qualify for gameplay, you have to be 18 or older!


At LV BET, of course! Players can bring up the heat and play Reactoonz for real money on the slots at LV BET. If you haven’t already, register, authorize your account, and come explore our wide range of awesome slot machines any hour of the day!

LV BET offers a variety of games and thematics, starting from classic fruit reels, to Ancient Egypt, to underwater odysseys - we have the perfect slot for everyone!


Unfortunately, DEMO play does not offer real winnings. Every placed wager and gamble is entirely virtual, and will not be credited or withdrawn from the player’s account if played in the DEMO version. DEMO play provides the opportunity to test every game without financial commitment.

Always make sure that you are in DEMO play by comparing your in-game funds to the funds on your account. That way, you will avoid unwanted spendings and surprises.


You can play the DEMO version for free and enjoy an incomparable game experience without investing any actual funds. Once logged in to your LV BET account, search for the game you would like to try out and choose the DEMO option in grey.

Trying the DEMO version of Reactoonz can help make the right decision when it comes to slots. DEMO versions of slot machine games are a fantastic way to offer insight into how the mechanics of each game work, test out game strategies and get comfortable with slots! Besides, if a game has features you have never played with before, trying them out for free is a huge benefit.


There won’t be a casino game that isn’t all about luck. All of them share a very prominent luck-based element, which means that wins are never guaranteed. Reactoonz offers several bonus elements in the game, such as the Gargantoon and Quantum features that can help win bigger, but no real strategy can promise 100% payout.

We recommend that you play safely and responsibly, and always remember that casino games are just for fun. Play Reactoonz for a good time, not to win!


Of course! This slot can be enjoyed on desktop, mobile and tablet devices, and is Windows, iOS and Android compatible. Almost every single video slot we offer is available on all devices, but make sure to check out the desktop version for the absolute best experience! Play Reactoonz anywhere, anytime.