Synot is a prominent game developer within the iGaming industry, having a significant global presence in over 20 countries. When looking at Synot’s innovative product line, it’s hard not to see why! Synot has rolled out hundreds of slots ever since it was founded in 1991, that continuously up the gaming ante, and the company show no signs of slowing down. The company’s main focus was on Czech Republic until it was licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority in 2019, which enabled Synot to have an impact in other countries like Portugal, Sweden, Italy, Spain and many more. Synot’s popularity is growing exponentially all over the world, and Synot slots are some of the most popular casino games around. This provider offers a unique gaming experience that you simply won’t encounter in any other slot. If you would like to find out more about what makes Synot a top-tier game provider, then just keep reading.

What is Synot?

Synot is a highly respected company that has released games in a vast majority of countries and has grown to become a 3,000-man company over the years. When playing Synot games you’re definitely in for an incredible ride, with all the cutting-edge features, symbols and gameplay that we simply can’t get enough of.


Synot slots include fantastic engaging features that really bring these slots to a whole new level. Experience amazing features such as a Gamble feature with an option to halve your gambled amount, Pick and Click features and symbols tailored to the theme of the game that help you bump up some winnings, if you’re lucky.


If you don’t know what jackpot slots are, then you’re definitely missing out. Jackpot slots include an amazing prize pot that offers up a super payout. Some jackpot slots even go as far as to offer up to four jackpot prizes! That being said, jackpot slots are high volatility games and so it is difficult to trigger the jackpot win. Additionally, Synot network jackpot slots are not available across all jurisdictions. Don’t let this bring you down though, as you can still enjoy amazing gameplay in other Synot slots, as well as local jackpots on LV BET.


If you thought the gameplay and symbols were amazing, just wait until you experience all the awesome Synot bonus rounds. From Respins to Free Spins and other amazing bonuses, Synot takes you on a visual rollercoaster with every bonus round. Don’t take it from us though, try out top Synot slots for yourself and experience all the oohs and aahs that these games have to offer.

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Play Synot Slots for Free

So many Synot slots to choose from, yet so little time. Don’t spend time trying to wrap your brain around how to decide which Synot slot to play, as we have the perfect solution for you. The majority of these slots come with a demo mode, so that you could play Synot slots for free! The demo version of slots sets you up with a certain amount of funds that would be predetermined by Synot themselves. With these funds you can spin the reels completely for free, without having to place a real wager. These funds are completely virtual, so nothing would be deducted from your account. Keep in mind that all winnings obtained in the demo mode are virtual as well and, thus, are not real. Despite this, the demo is a fantastic way of getting a glimpse into what the slot has to offer so that you could both familiarise yourself with the game mechanics, as well as actually decide whether the slot is for you in the first place.

In order to access the demo all you need to do is hover over the thumbnail of your chosen slot, and press the ‘DEMO’ button. Happy spinning!

Play Synot Slots for Real Money

Once you took the demo mode for a spin, take a crack at the real deal and play Synot slots for real money! Set a wager and spin the reels for a chance to earn fantastic payouts and enjoy the unique stylings of all these Synot slots have to offer. Try your luck for some Synot free spins and maybe experience a Sticky Wild or two along the way. Play some of the best Synot slots at LV BET for the experience of a lifetime. Don’t worry about being the new kid on the gaming block, all slots come with a full detailed list of the rules of the game that you can access at any point in time.

Best Synot Games in 2021

Synot games are some of the most dynamic, vibrant and lively slots offering crisp graphics and stellar gameplay that many players can’t seem to get enough of. Slap on some awesome bonus features and maybe a sneaky jackpot or two, and you have yourself a true Synot casino game. Try out a few of these hot slots for a chance to win great prizes that’ll leave you reeling with every spin:

  • Monkey Slots™
  • Respin Joker
  • Goblinions™
  • Hot Africa
  • Hunter’s Spirit™
  • Mysterious Atlantis
  • Book of Secrets™
  • Wild Circus 256

Synot Mobile Casino Games

Synot mobile games are perfectly optimised to bring you next-level performance when playing Synot slots on mobile devices. LV BET is one of the best Synot casinos out there so you are guaranteed an unparalleled experience both when you play on desktop and on mobile too. Players can enjoy all the same features, gameplay and bonuses on mobile provided that they have a compatible device. Play Synot slots on any mobile device, iOS, Windows or Android! Players can also try out these mobile games in landscape mode too, when playing at Synot online casinos. There are only three things you need in order to begin this fantastic mobile gaming adventure: a registered account with LV BET, a strong internet connection and some free time!


✅ What is Synot ?

Synot is an innovative game provider that has rolled out brilliant games such as Book of Secrets™, Joker Respin and Hunter’s Spirit™. Having been founded back in 1991, Synot has since exponentially increased its product line across over 20 countries including Spain, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Latvia and many more.  

✅ Can I play Synot slots on mobile?

One of the best things players can take advantage of when playing Synot slots is the fact that they access all the same unique gameplay, features, graphics and soundtrack even when playing on mobile devices.

✅ Can I play Synot games for free at LV BET?

One of the many great things about Synot slots is the fact that they also come with a demo mode that allows you to spin the reels completely for free! During the demo mode, you are set up with virtual funds, predetermined by Synot, which allow you to spin the reels without having to set a real wager. You hear that? No funds would be deducted from your actual account! All winnings would be completely virtual too; however, this shouldn’t stop you on your quest to find the best Synot slot for you.

✅ Is Synot a trustworthy and reliable online game provider?

Definitely. Synot has been licensed by the reputable Malta Gaming Authority, which ensures that the gameplay of all Synot games is not only reliable but also safe and fair to all players. 

✅ What is the best online casino to play Synot games?

That’s easy — play some of the best Synot slots out there at LV BET! At LV BET, we pride ourselves in providing a safe and secure environment for all our happy players, while ensuring an online casino experience that is truly unparalleled. Try out a few Synot slots at LV BET and see what the buzz is all about!

✅ What are the best Synot slots ?

Players can enjoy a variety of the most unique and popular Synot slots such as Goblinions™, Mysterious Atlantis, Book of Secrets™ and Hot Africa. Each of these slots come with their own special symbols, gameplay and functions, along with amazing graphics and sound effects. You would not want to miss out on any of these brilliant slots — check them out in the free-to-play demo mode!

✅ How to get free spins on Synot slots?

Players may encounter Synot free spins when playing through some of the slots we have available at LV BET. These slots would come with a special bonus round that, when triggered, offer a set amount of free spins so that the player has another chance to earn payouts while spinning the reels for free. Register at LV BET to find out more.